We provide detailed and up to date travel information, tailor-made activity for a wide range of destinations around Bangladesh with Venue, logistical services, Foods, Transport & accommodation facilities. We are very much specialized group tour with our experienced, skill and professional manpower. We can take full tension for your any kind of tour like weekend tours, family tours, recreational tours, honeymoon tour, corporate events, & corporate Picnic to make it memorable, enjoyable and unforgettable.

Our goal is to create the perfect company picnic just for you. So we offer an endless variety of choices and options- allowing you to customize the perfect event for you. We start by helping you select the perfect location — at one of our lots of exclusive Private Park and Resort Locations, your facility or at a public location near you. Then choose the perfect menu, selection of beverages, rides and attractions, entertainment, and a theme to complement your day.

Our Picnic events services include a complete process of budgeting, event dates, selecting and reserving the event venue, equipments rentals for the events, coordinating transportation and parking, developing a theme or motive for the event, arrangement of speakers, site decoration, outside catering services, event support and security. We, along with our expert team sits down and make decisions for the betterment of our clients and try to provide an excellent service according to the customers’ demands.

On the event day, we take care of everything—large to small. Our staff of experienced professionals ensures that every guest has a great day, including you!

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