Kids Games


We encourage your kids to Go out, Enjoy and Experience Life during our events.

We manage kids zone specially for your kids.

We encourage your kids for some exciting games like Roomal Chor don't worry we will teach you. Like Rumal chor can be played with as many members as present. One of them is decided to be the chor (thief). The rest sit facing one another in a circle with their eyes closed or open for some time. Within this period the chor runs behind his friends and suddenly leaves his rumal (hankerchief) behind one of the sitting players. On some signal from the chor everybody starts looking for the rumal behind them. The one who finds it runs after the chor to catch him. The chor runs around in circle and tries to save himself from being caught and take the vacant seat of the person chasing him or her (with the rumal). If the chor is caught by the person with the rumal, he again becomes the chor; in this way the game continues. The more players, the merrier the game; the more number of players also means that the circle and hence the running area is more. Girls and boys can play this game together. The game helps in development of qualities like discipline, sportsmanship and loyalty among the team members.

Kanamachi can aid in the development of a child’s powers of concentration. A number of children stand in a circle. One of them becomes the kanamachchi. He/She is called so because a piece of cloth is tied over his eyes and he cannot see. The children then gradually increase the circle, and the kanamachi runs after the others trying to touch one of them, as if buzzing around haphazardly like a fly. The children shout out the rhyme ‘kana machi bho bho, jake pabi take chho’ (Buzzing fly, catch whoever you can). The person who is touched has to be identified by name. If correctly identified, he/she becomes the new kanamachchi, and it goes on. Kanamachi has helped ascertain cognitive and emotional development among children through playing activities.

And many more